Labyrinth Musical Workshop Ontario is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the study and enjoyment of global traditions of modal music.

Our main goals are:


  • To provide musical training of the highest quality, using the talent base available locally first and then recruiting teachers farther afield;


  • To facilitate detailed study of particular musical traditions and encounters between different traditions, encouraging intercultural understanding, artistic development, and an appreciation of music as embracing all aspects of life;


  • To develop Southern Ontario as a global hub for performance, research, and innovation in modal music traditions of Asia, Europe, and Africa, as a good place to work for artists and an international destination for music lovers.

Labyrinth Staff:
Araz Salek, Artistic Director
Jonathan Adjemian, Admin Director
Board of Directors:
Poorya Ferdowsi
Pouria Lotfi
Irene Markoff
Alia Hamdan O'Brien
Rob Simms