The Labyrinth Ensemble

This group of 14 stellar musicians is dedicated to experimenting with and promoting sonic traditions from Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and beyond. Most if not all ensemble members are engaged with more than one musical tradition, opening up unlimited possibilities for creation and collaboration.

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Guest Artist: Lamia Yared

Spotlighted during the November 2021 intensive period is the impassioned vocals of Lamia Yared, the first-ever Labyrinth Ontario artist-in-residence. Born in Lebanon and raised in Montreal, Lamia Yared has transfixed audiences with her soulful explorations of traditional Turkish and Arabic musical styles. As part of her residency, she brings her extensive knowledge to the Ensemble, coaching and performing together with her fellow musicians.


The Labyrinth Ensemble is not only here to perform, but to learn about the history, form, and musical aspects of modal music. The ten day intensive period was spent focusing on the pedagogical aspects, and learning to come together as an ensemble. The 6 hour a day schedule allowed the Labyrinth Ensemble to dedicate time to nuanced work and learning more about Classical Arabic Music. 

We are grateful to East End Arts for sharing their space with us over the course of the intensive period. 

Debut Show at the Aga Khan Museum

On November 13, 2021, the Labyrinth Ensemble performed for the first time at the Aga Khan Museum’s beautiful Auditorium. The inaugural full-group performance was sold out, and made possible by Canada Council of the Arts and the Toronto Arts Council. The event was co-presented by Labyrinth Ontario and the Aga Khan Museum, and is available to watch online:


this event was made possible by funding from