Our Projects

Labyrinth Ensemble

Labyrinth Ontario gathered 14 talented musicians from different musical traditions to learn, perform, and share modal music. The ensemble works with guest musicians through multiple 2-week long intensive periods, culminating in concerts to showcase their nuanced work and fluidity as a unit.

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Annual Workshops

The 2022 Workshops period is May 27 through June 2 with classes led by member of This Tale of Ours (Araz Salek, Kelly Thoma, Pedram Khavarzamini, Ross Daly).

These Workshops are open to the public for 30 hours of group training with world renowned musicians. This project is what Labyrinth Ontario was founded on!


Modal Music in the Parks

A video series of outdoor performance and interview segments generously supported by the Toronto Arts Council's Arts in the Parks program. This yearly series started in 2020 and shows artists in various outdoor spaces in the Greater Toronto Area.

Nimble Ensemble

Labyrinth Ontario has a wide network of contacts with international musicians and is constant adding newcomer musicians to its roster. The Nimble Ensembles project will utilize musicians from our performance roster in small groups (duos, trios, quartets) and send them on tours to locations around Ontario. We are targeting areas that have limited or nonexistent modal music presence but have an interest in receiving touring groups. This project focuses on dissemination and relationship building.

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Instrument Library


This long term project will culminate in the establishment of a physical and digital instrument library featuring instruments from Central Asia, the Middle East, South Asia, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and North Africa. The first step in this multi year development project is employing academic researchers to compile information and resources (audio & visual) on several key instruments popular throughout these regions (ie. oud, frame drum). Then working in consultation with web designers, we'll build an interactive digital library and present the research in a user-friendly and generally accessible way. Eventually, this digital library will have a physical counterpart hosted in Toronto where the public can take out instruments on loan, take lessons with specialized teachers, and find resources on instruments and their associated musical traditions.