Meet The Ensemble

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Tanbur, Oud, Bağlama, Afghan Rabab

Cello, Greek Lyra

Marta Solek (she/her) is a multi-instrumentalist from Poland, she graduated from the Krakow Academy of Music specializing in both cello and Polish/World knee fiddles. She is the first musician in the world holding a master degree in suka from bilgoray and plock fiddle-unique traditional instruments from XVII Century. She has performed all over the world and recorded 14 CD’s. She is the winner of a grant from the Ministry of Culture of Poland , the Fryderyk (Polish "Juno' Award) for the best debut jazz album of the year (2015) and the best jazz album of the year with Nikola Kolodziejczyk (2016),several winner of “Nowa Tradycja”,”Mikolajki Folkowe”,” Polish Folk Festivals. She was part of “Same Suki '' band, founded knee fiddle duo "InFidelis" and their "Projekt Kolberg" CD gets 5 stars in Songlines Magazine. Recently she has been playing with Polky ,Moskitto Bar, Medusa,Canadian Arabic Orchestra, Dr.Draw,Meesha Shafi. She is the winner of Orillia & District Art Council “Emerging Artist” Award in 2020.

Tev Stevig (he/him) is a Boston-based musician and educator whose work with contemporary modal music, traditional styles from the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, and other Eastern modal traditions prompted the New York Music Daily to call him ,"one of the world's most brilliantly individualistic guitarists." He composes and performs on a variety of plucked string instruments from around the world, appearing in venues across North America and Europe. Tev's solo release, Jeni Jol: Music of the Balkans, Greece, and Turkey garnered universal praise from critics, with the Boston Globe commenting, "he initiates something new by connecting and combining seemingly disparate cultures," and was one of Acoustic Guitar Magazine's best albums of 2013.

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Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, Araz Salek (he/him) began studying the tar from an early age. In 2017 he co-founded Labyrinth Ontario, where he serves as Artistic Director. He has performed at major venues in the Toronto region, elsewhere in Canada, in Iran and across Europe. Since 2012 he has been part of the Toronto / Crete quartet “This tale of ours,” with Pedram Khavarzamini, Kelly Thoma, and Ross Daly. He has appeared on several recordings and in 2008 released a critically well-received solo album, Birth.

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Aysel Taghi-Zada (she/her) is a passionate violinist devoted to the performance of classical and contemporary music. She has collaborated with some of the most distinguished composers and musicians from North America and Europe such as Philip Glass, Brian Current, Salvatore Sciarrino, Chris Paul Harman, Kevin Lau, Mark Fewer, Pierre Leroux, David Geringas and Pascale Beaudin. She is frequently invited to perform with contemporary ensembles such as Tapestry Opera, New Music Concerts, Freesound Ensemble, Thin Edge New Music Collective and Soundstreams Canada, and she recently participated in Continuum Contemporary Music’s Hatch Summer Performance program as an emerging artist. She is also a founding member of the Vaso String Quartet, which performs around North America and participated in the 2019 Scotia Festival of Music in Halifax. As a recording artist, she can be heard on Jason Doell’s 2018 album … Amid the Cannon’s Roar, Catherine Daniel’s Sacred Christmas, and the Marrieds’ Fire in the Flame.


Amely Zhou (she/her) is an erhu performer, a Chinese music specialist, an adjudicator and a conductor. She has premiered more than thirty new erhu works from composers around the globe. Zhou received the best performance award from the CNTV in 2018 and Artist in Education grant from the Ontario Arts Council in 2015. Zhou was featured on the cover of The WholeNote magazine in May-June issue 2017, and Andres Timar wrote in the cover story that “The high value she places on connecting with fellow musicians and audiences is among the most distinguishing features of her playing.” In 2020, Zhou lead a group of multi-ethnic ensemble Estro-genesis and performed a series of Canadian works for the Toronto Music Garden’s summer music program. Amely is currently the Music Director of the Canadian Chinese Orchestra, and the Music Director of the Ontario Multicultural Music Association.