2022 Labyrinth Annual Workshops
May 27 - June 2, 2022

The Labyrinth Workshops are returning to Toronto! Featuring almost 30 hours of in-person professional training seminars over 1 week and 4 unique classes led by master musicians of modal music traditions from Asia and Southern Europe.

The workshops are a great opportunity to meet, socialize, and play with teachers and students from many traditions and regions.

Early bird registration cost before May 1, 2022 is $350 CAD / seminar

Regular registration after May 1, 2022 is $400 CAD / seminar

For more information and to register, click here:

Classes & Dates

Modal Music Composition with Ross Daly

•Lyra with Sympathetic Strings with Kelly Thoma

•Tar and radif with Araz Salek

•Tombak with Pedram Khavarzamini

All classes will occur at the same time according to this schedule: 

Friday May 27: 5-8pm

Saturday May 28: 10:00-1:00pm, 4-7pm
Sunday May 29:  10:00-1:00pm, 5-8pm
Monday May 30: 5-8pm
Tuesday May 31: 5-8pm
Wednesday June 1: 5-8pm
Thursday June 2: 5-8pm

**please note that you are interested, but unable to commit to the full session - please email info@labyrinthontario.com and we can accommodate your financial and schedule needs. We also have scholarships available!

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Meet the Instructors
ross daly.jpg
Ross Daly
Modal Music Composition

Ross Daly has travelled extensively, studying under many of the world's greatest masters of modal traditions. In 1982 he established the Labyrinth Musical Workshop which is today situated in the village of Houdetsi. Each year hundreds of students from all over the world arrive in Houdetsi in order to study with some of the most renowned teachers of modal musics. Ross Daly has released more than 35 albums of his own compositions as well as of his own arrangements of traditional melodies that he collected during his travels.

araz salek.jpg
Araz Salek
Tar and Radif

Araz Salek began his studies in Iranian music from a young age in Tehran, focusing on the tar, a plucked string instrument central to the music. He moved to Toronto in 2008, where he has continued to be active, here and internationally, as a teacher, performer, and ensemble leader. He has collaborated frequently with musicians in other modal forms and with experimental musicians in Toronto, including a large-ensemble project with NYC-based composer Adam Rudolph. He is Artistic Director of Labyrinth Ontario.

kelly thoma.jpg
Kelly Thoma
Lyra with Sympathetic Strings

Kelly Thoma has been studying the lyra with Ross Daly since 1995 and soon after started travelling with him and his group, “Labyrinth” to perform in some of the most prestigious venues and festivals around the world.  She has participated in many projects with musicians from various different traditions of the world; with Ross Daly she has performed in Carnegie Hall, Theatre de la Ville, Queen Elizabeth Hall, San Francisco WMF, Rainforest WMF, Womadelaide, Rudolstadt and many other renowned venues and festivals around the world.

pedram khavarzamini (1).jpg
Pedram Khavarzamini

Pedram Khavarzamini began tombak studies alongside masters Kamyar Mohabbat and Bahman Rajabi. He is the founder of tombak group “Varashan”. His debut album “Koutah” features self composed works for tombak and collaboration with Hamid Ghambary Because of his cross-genre rhythmical knowledge and technique, he is a highly sought after collaborator and has performed with notable classical Persian musicians including Sharam Nazeri, Dariush Talai, Kayhan Kalhor and Ali Akbar Moradi.